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Instructions for The "Heart" Hook & The "Handbag" Hook

 The Handbag Hook solves the problem of where to put your bags in bars
and restaurants - securely on the table where you can see it.

 The Heart Hook - How To Use Instructions The Handbag Hook Instratuctions

Instructions for folding Handbag Hooks

Handbag Hook How To Use Instructions The Perfect Handbag Accessory

Instructions for the Bangle Bag Holders

The bangle has been specially designed to act as a Bag Holder for those occasions when you are in a bar or restaurant and need somewhere to put your bag. Remove the bangle from your wrist and put it straight onto the table. It can cleverly hold up to 6kgs and comes in two designs, tempered glass or studded with crystals.

Bangle Bag Holder in Presentation Box
Hanging Glass Bangle Bag Holder